From an industrial site to a vibrant urban district.

A fascinating history. A promising future.

For over a century the old abattoir (Alter Schlachthof) in Regensburg was of major importance to the economy of Eastern Bavaria. Following changes in production conditions however, the site increasingly faded into insignificance in the 1980s and finally closed down altogether in the 1990s. The main building which features a valuable architectural design and all industrial land around fell mostly into disrepair.

Bygone days

  • 1886: Adoption of a resolution to build a new abattoir between Straubinger Stra├če and the river Danube
  • 1890: Major extension of the complex
  • 1920: Construction of additional halls for cattle market and sheds
  • End of 1920s: Reorganisation of all operations and additional halls for cattle
  • 1956: Peak output level
  • 1990s: Shutdown of the abattoir 


  • 2009: Europe-wide invitation for tenders for development of the Marina Quartier
  • 2010: Creation of a concept by CA Immo and ASTOC
  • 2011: CA Immo was chosen for acquisition and development of the site by the City of Regensburg
  • 2012: Public display of the land-use plan and the start of dismantling
  • 2013: Probable start of the initial construction works