The urban lightness of being.

Urban development in the 21st century.

The process has already been realised in many big cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin or London and Amsterdam: the regeneration of former industrial areas or ports into modern developments offering a high standard of living and a unique character of their own. 

The innovative concept of the Marina Quartier takes this one step further. 

It combines the needs of today's urban dweller in terms of mobility and infrastructure with the special flair of a waterside location and the historic atmosphere of a one-time industrial site.

  • Land-use concept for a mix of residential, commercial, cultural and recreational facilities
  • Combining urban design close to the city centre with the special flair of a former industrial site including a listed building
  • Individual ways of living and working
  • High quality of life
  • Large open spaces and areas of water
  • Low traffic levels
  • Close to work, local infrastructure, cultural and recreational facilities
  • Optimum appreciation of property values
  • Extension of Regensburg's waterfront promenade into the Marina Quartier