The firm ASTOC Architects and Planners has been based in Cologne for about 20 years and handles urban design and architectural projects in Germany and neighbouring countries. Numerous awards and commendations testify to the high quality of their work. 

Although architecture and urban design are two separate disciplines, each with its own set of requirements, ASTOC Architects and Planners has managed to combine them successfully on numerous projects. 

Examples of projects carried out by ASTOC are Harbour City in Hamburg – currently Europe's largest inner-city urban design project – and the Emscher Future masterplan. This concept seeks to create broad-based momentum to transform the structure and landscape of the Ruhrgebiet, the urban agglomeration of the Ruhr valley's industrial region. 

In the field of architecture, ASTOC Architects and Planners carry out housing projects such as creating loft apartments in listed industrial buildings and designing exclusive homes in high-rise developments and even entire residential settlements.