Immobilien Zentrum

Integrated real estate projects.

Immobilien Zentrum (IZR) is a group of companies based in Regensburg which carries out integrated real estate projects in the whole of Germany. 

Immobilien Zentrum offers services ranging from project development, through in-house marketing to sustainable consulting and management of private and commercial property. This organisation has become a centre of excellence spanning the entire value creation chain of a real estate business. Since 1990 it has planned, developed and built sustainable yet innovative residential and commercial properties characterised by top quality and maximum efficiency. Over the last ten years the firm has handled projects with a total volume of €1.3 billion. Its clientele include small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large organisations such Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Deutsche Post AG or E.ON Bayern AG.

In the Marina Quartier Immobilien Zentrum is responsible for renovation and redevelopment of the former abattoir, Alter Schlachthof, and for the construction of 2- to 4-room apartments, penthouses, townhouses, terraces with gardens und exclusive 'bel étage' homes.