Homage to Regensburg.

The architectural concept of the Marina Quartier.

With 1,400 listed buildings and nine historic squares, Regensburg is an architectural delight. The Marina Quartier also pays tribute to this by taking design elements from the medieval old town and interpreting them in a modern, architectural context.

Typologies and structures from the old town have been used in the Marina Quartier as well as different colour schemes and surface textures, such as the clinker-brick facades from Sedanstraße or the Wilhelminian-style features found close to the site. The modern townhouses have been modelled on those from the old town and medieval buildings that have stood the test of time for centuries, as seen for example in Keplerstraße. The central area of the Marina Quartier reflects the form and structure of Haidplatz.

  • A fascinating mix of styles
  • Architectural features from the past are interpreted with an imaginative modern twist
  • Incorporating different historical eras – from the Middle Ages to Wilhelminian times
  • Open spaces invite people to go for a stroll, have a think and talk to each other
  • Original cobblestone pavements are reused for squares and pathways