Living. Working. Leisure. Enjoyment.

Going with the flow by the river.

Living and working in the Marina Quartier: more than the sum of its agreeable aspects. This is a way of life that testifies to high standards and clever, skilful design. 

The Marina Quartier combines the delights of modern urban living with commercial efficiency and a superior quality of life. The result: performance, relaxation and comfort.

Whether you are a private individual or an entrepreneur: by opting for the Marina Quartier you leave no-one in any doubt that you demand something exceptional.

  • Attractive homes from loft living to townhouse
  • High-end, modern office space
  • Enthralling yet soothing expanses of water
  • Direct access to the Danube and Danube promenade
  • Close to local amenities including caf├ęs and restaurants
  • Creative vibe
  • No through traffic
  • Outer area of the marina offering attractive leisure facilities (watersports, recreation, retail and hospitality)